Port Hope Police This Week


Port Hope Police kick off Festival Ride programs.

Port Hope Police have commenced their annual Festival RIDE programs. On the 30 of November RIDE teams hit the streets checking vehicles in various locations within Urban Port Hope.  400 vehicles were checked resulting in no suspension or arrests.  1 Provincial Offence Notice was issued.  The RIDE programs will be in effect during the Holiday Season.  Port Hope Police encourage people to utilize taxis and other driving services like Operation Red Nose which is a national program dedicated to the fight against drinking and driving. It is a free, confidential, volunteer-driver service offered to any individual who has been drinking or who simply do not feel fit to drive his/her vehicle home. The number for Operation Red Nose is 905 377 1218 and volunteers will be in operation December 1, 2, 8, 9, 15,16,22,23 and 31

Man stopped by money transfer staff in sending money overseas.

An elderly Port Hope man was almost defrauded out $2000.00 dollars after being a victim of an on line fraud.  On the 27th of November the man received an alert on his computer that indicated his computer needed to be cleaned. The man went to the website and ended up in a string of communications with someone named “Paul” The man agreed to pay $150 to have the computer serviced online.  The male later contacted the victim and advised him a mistake had been made and that $2000.00 was transferred into his account by mistake. The fraudster then sent the man an image of what appeared to be a picture of his account showing the $2000.00 deposited.  Theman was convinced to attend down to a “MoneyGram”to have the $2000.00 wired back to a location in India.  When he attended down to the local MoneyGram, a quick thinking staff member inquired as to why he was sending this much money and when the man revealed his reason she indicated that it was most likely a fraud and to contact Police.  No Money was sent and the man’s financial institution was contacted to lock down the accounts.

Man arrested after a fleeing Police in a vehicle.

A 19 year old former Port Hope man led Police on a chase that started in the Jocelyn St area at about 8:15pm on the 30th of November 2017.  Port Hope Police attempted to stop the vehicle after an officer recognized it as possibly belonging to someone whom was ordered by the court to stay out of Port Hope.  The driver refused to stop and fled the area.  Police pursued the vehicle concerned the male was possibly impaired but after the driver went through stop signs Police terminated the pursuit. The vehicle was last seen driving into rural area of Port Hope. At 8:30pm the vehicle was noted by a Port Hope Police officer to drive into a driveway on Woodland Avenue in Garden Hill. The driver was taken into custody.  Charged with flight from police, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle and failing to comply with a condition of a recognizance is Draven Thornton. He was held in custody pending a show cause hearing.

Snow Routes are in effect

As of December 1st Snow Routes are in effect from 2am-7am. Please see the attachment on the web site for streets that are designated snow routes.   The fine for parking in a snow route during the above times is $20.00.

Cobourg Police Weekly Report


From the 19th of June 2017 through the 25th of June 2017, the Cobourg Police Service responded to 186 occurrences including: 9 Motor Vehicle Collisions, 7 Mental Health calls, 5 Alarm calls, 9 Theft calls, 7 Suspicious Persons calls, 7 Domestic/Family Disputes, 4 Neighbor Disputes and 7 Assault calls. Here are some examples of calls for service for the week:


June 19:

• Police recovered a stolen vehicle that was abandoned in the parking lot of a local business.

• Police responded to the theft of a quantity of change from an unlocked motor vehicle.  Police are reminding the public not to keep valuables in their vehicles and to keep their vehicles locked at all times.


June 20:

• Police charged a male driver with Drive Motor Vehicle with no Valid Licence under the Highway Traffic Act after a vehicle stop on D’Arcy Street.

• An adult male was arrested for being intoxicated in a public place in the downtown core and released from custody when sober.


June 21:

• Police responded to a family dispute at a local hotel involving an argument between a mother and son.  Both parties were spoken to and counselled by police with no charges being laid.

• Police located a student who was reported missing after failing to return home after school.  The student was found in good health and returned to the care of his/her parents.


June 22:

• The driver of a motor vehicle was charged with Fail to Yield from Driveway under the Highway Traffic Act after a motor vehicle collision on Strathy Road.

• The driver of a motor vehicle was charged with Careless Driving under the Highway Traffic Act after a collision on Division Street.


June 23:

• Cobourg Police assisted with traffic control on Elgin Street East between Division Street and Birchwood Trail after flooding of the roadway.

• Police investigated the theft of household items from a residence that was under renovations.


June 24:

• The driver of a motor vehicle was charged with Follow too Close under the Highway Traffic Act after a motor vehicle collision on King Street East.

• An adult male was issued a trespass notice from a local store after attempting to steal food items.


June 25:

• A male driver was charged with Drive Suspend, Careless Driving, and Fail to Surrender Permit under the Highway Traffic Act after a motor vehicle collision on Elgin Street East.

• A Youth was arrested and charged with Failing to Comply with Probation after being found breaching the conditions of his/her Probation.

Port Hope Police Report


Man charged with domestic related assault

A 35 year old Port Hope man was arrested early Monday morning after police were called to a domestic dispute in the down town core. Port Hope Police officers were given information that occupants of the down town apartment were in a heated argument. A man described as the victim’s spouse was taken into custody and charged with assault. He was held for a show cause hearing.

Grandchild/Parent scam finds a victim in Port Hope

A senior citizen has fallen victim to a scam Monday after she wired money via western union to a location believed to be in Quebec. The woman received a call from someone purported to be a lawyer. He told the woman her son was charged with “reckless driving” and he needed money for bail. The woman went to Cobourg and wired $1000.00 dollars. The male called back shortly after and said he needed another amount to pay for fines. The woman sent more money but was able to stop that transaction after a neighbour assisted her in getting in contact with her son. 

People with elderly family members need to make sure they are aware of such scams that prey on the trusting nature of senior citizens.  Police conduct regular lectures for seniors on frauds and scams.  Amongst this scam is; the phoney bank employee scam, Microsoft Computer scam, Canada Revenue Agency Scam, email scams, fake invoice scams.  Usually anyone asking for money via internet and or telephone ,it is safe to say, it is a scam.  Do not to send money or give any personal information out to people whom are unknown.  

Police are continuing with the investigation.

Cobourg Police Weekly Report


Between Monday May 29, 2017 and Sunday June 4, 2017 the Cobourg Police Service responded to 195 calls for service including 4 Noise Complaints, 3 Mental Health related, 10 Alarms,1 Fraud, 10 Thefts,5911 Calls, 2 Break and Enters,8 Assaults, 10 Motor Vehicle Collisions and 3 Liquor Licence Act.


Here is a summary of the week;


Monday May 29, 2017


- Police responded to a motor vehicle collision at King Street East and Coverdale Avenue involving two vehicles. One driver was charged with Careless driving.

- Police were called to a local long term care facility in response to a physical altercation involving two elderly residents. No charges were laid.


Tuesday May 30, 2017


- Police received a complaint of Identity fraud after a cell phone account was opened unknowingly in the victim’s name. Investigation ongoing.

- A local resident called police to report that he had parked his vehicle overnight at a north end business and discovered that it had been broken into when he attended the next day to pick his vehicle up.


Wednesday May 31, 2017


- Police received a 911 call which following an investigation was determined to be a “pocket dial” or an accidental dial.

- A resident contacted the police to check on the wellbeing of a friend whom she was concerned about. Police located the male at a city hospital who was receiving medical treatment.

- Police responded to a theft of a licence plate from a vehicle which was parked overnight on Ivey Crescent.


Thursday June 1, 2017


- Police identified a motor vehicle that was driving erratically and at a high rate of speed at William Street and King Street. Upon conducting a vehicle stop and subsequent investigation, the driver, 21 year old Jacqueline THERRIEN was arrested and charged for Operation while Impaired. 

- Police responded to a north end shopping plaza in response to a motor vehicle collision involving two vehicles. No charges were laid as the accident occurred on private property.


Friday June 2, 2017


- Police were called to a north end business in response to a theft. A 16 year old female who cannot be named and 18 year old Carlianne PIPER were charged with Theft under $5000.

- A female resident called police to report that her purse had been stolen. A short time later, the purse was located by the resident with all of the contents still inside.


Saturday June 3, 2017


- Cobourg police we called to the area of King Street and Division Street in response to an assaultive male at that location. Subsequent to investigation, 19 year old Dylan CAMPBELL was arrested and charged with Assault with a weapon and resisting arrest.

- Police received a report of a male who was trespassing at a residence on Springbrook Road and refusing to leave. Upon police arrival, the unknown male had left on his own.


Sunday June 4, 2017


- Police attended a residence on Munroe Street in response to a noise complaint. Upon speaking with the irate occupants, it was determined that someone had taken the resident’s vehicle and had not yet returned. The vehicle was eventually returned without incident.

- Police were contacted by a citizen regarding her friend winning a large sum of money at Bingo and not sharing the winnings as promised. The citizen was cautioned about misusing 911 for non-emergency matters.

Port Hope Police Report


Theft of Tools

Port Hope Police are investigating a theft of tools from a truck that was parked in the parking lot of Your Independent Grocer in the Municipality’s west end.   The theft is believed to have occurred on June 3rd between 8:00am and 2:00pm. Taken were two black and yellow Dewalt tool bags containing drills, driver sets, batteries, and other tools totalling approximately $400.00.  Anyone with information is asked to call Port Hope Police or crime stoppers.  

Man, facing breach of recognizance charges, held for bail hearing.

On the 6th of June 2017 shortly before 9:00pm Port Hope Police were called to the Highland Dr area due to report of an intoxicated male yelling, screaming and jumping into traffic.  Police attended the scene and located a male in the area.  The male was under influence of intoxicating substances.  Information was revealed he was currently before the courts in another province and was compelled by a recognizance not to possess of consume alcohol.  Police concluded the man allegedly breached his conditions of his recognizance and was subsequently arrested.  38 year old Dennis Shulko of Port Hope is charged with 2 counts of failing to comply with a recognizance and a count of possession of a controlled substance. He was held in custody pending a show cause hearing.

Cobourg Police Weekly Report

Between Monday the 8th of May and Sunday the 14th of May, 2017, the Cobourg Police Service responded to approximately 166 calls for service, including:


 Suspicious persons,  Police Information,  Domestic Disputes,  Community Service events,  Police Assistance,  Traffic Complaints,  Drugs,  Unwanted Persons, Neighbor Disputes, Harassments, Alarms,  Motor Vehicle Collisions, Noise Complaints,  Thefts, 

 Frauds, Mischief, Assaults, Property, By-Law, Family disputes, Warrants, Mental Health, Missing Persons and more.  


Here are examples of the calls attended throughout the week:


Monday May 8th

• Police attended an address in the east end of town in report of a domestic dispute. Police arrested 1 person for mischief and breach of a court order.  This person was held for a bail hearing.

• Police were called in report of an impaired driver on Division St.  Police located the vehicle and discovered the poor driving was a result of the driver eating while driving.  No alcohol detected.  The male was cautioned for his poor driving.

• Police attended an address on Darcy St in report of a Break and Enter that had occurred throughout the day.  A number of items were taken including a vehicle that was later recovered.  Police continue to investigate.


Tuesday May 9th

• At approximately 5:40am Police responded to the intersection of Elgin St and Division St in report of a vehicle fire.  Police arrived and learned a vehicle had mechanical problems that caused a small fire.  No charges laid, vehicle had to be towed from the road.

• Police responded to the area of Division and Swayne St in report of a female causing a disturbance. When Police arrived they located an intoxicated female who was arrested and released with charge when sober.

Wednesday May 10th

• Police attended a University Ave address in response to an alarm call.  When Police arrived it was learned that the alarm was false. No Police action was required.

• Police were called to an address on Burnham St in report of a break and enter.  Police attended and learned that the home was broken into the day before the event was reported. Two rings, two necklaces and an amount of cash was taken during the entry.  Police are continuing to investigate

• During the afternoon hours Police were called to the area of 500 Division St in report of an assault that had just occurred.  Following a Police investigation a female was arrested and charged with Assault.


Thursday May 11

• Police assisted paramedics with a male who was experiencing some mental health issues.  The male was transported to the hospital where he received care.

• Police were contacted in regards to a missing elderly female.  After a brief search the female was located in the downtown core in good health going for a walk.

• Police attended the Cobourg pier in report of a group of youths climbing the lighthouse.  When Police attended they located 4 males who were cautioned and moved along.  No damage to the lighthouse was noted.


Friday May 12th

• A citizen of Cobourg received a telephone call from a person stating they were calling from the Canadian Revenue Agency requesting money.  The citizen did provide the caller with credit card information but cancelled the card after learning this was a fraud.  The caller was not out any money. 

• Police attended a residence in the east end of Cobourg and kept the peace while property was recovered from the home.

• Police attended the Tim Hortons on Division St in report of a suspicious acting male. Police arrived and located an intoxicated male who was cooperative with Police.  The male was taken home and left in the care of family members.

Saturday May 13th

• Police responded to two animal complaints involving coyotes in the east end of Cobourg Police arrived and were unable to locate the animals. No action was required.

• Police were made aware of a female that had failed to check in with friends at a pre-arranged time.  Police located the female in good health.  The female had just forgotten to contact her friends.


Sunday May 14th

• During the early morning hours Police conducted a vehicle stop on Darcy St after they spotted a vehicle driving with no lights on.  Following a roadside investigation the driver was issued a 3 day driving suspension for driving with a blood alcohol level greater than 50mg of alcohol.  The driver was also issued a number of other provincial offences notices.

• Police were called to attend a nursing home in report of an unwanted guest.  When Police arrived it was learned that the unwanted person left prior to Police attending. 

• Police attended an address in the east end of town to conduct a well-being check on a female.  Police located the female who was in good health.