Food Recall: Packaged Vegetable Products


There has been another food recall. 

This one involves a national recall of various types of packaged vegetable products because of Listeria. 

The recalled products have best before dates up to and including October 20th and include but are not limited to: 

·        Various brand names of Mann’s Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Carrots & Kale, Napa Cabbage, California Stir-fry, Cauliflower, Cauli-Rice Curry, Southwest Chipotle, Vegetable Medley, Veggie Humus, Bacon Maple Delight. 

·        Compliments Vegetable Platter and Cauliettes Chop, and 

·         Western Family Kale Salad Kit, Kale Caesar Salad Kit and Broccoli Slaw. 

See the following link for a detailed list and details of all recalled vegetable products:

Throw out the recalled products or return them to the location where you purchased them. 

The recall was triggered by Canadian Food Inspection Agency test results.