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On the Northumberland 89.7 FM website and throughout it's digital presence, members of the public have opportunities to comment and discuss topics relating to the Northumberland 89.7 FM programming as well as respond to news items that are shared on our blogs. We all want these areas to be a place to participate in open, thoughtful, and productive dialogue. As a user (fan) of our properties, you are expected to foster healthy, open discussions by respecting others, avoiding self-promotion unless it relates to an on-air promotion or segment about you, and being responsible for what you post. We reserve the right to moderate or remove posts, remove users and otherwise take, or refrain from taking, any and all steps available to us once we become aware of any violation of these provisions.

Above all else, respect others. Address issues and arguments and refrain from making personal attacks toward authors, Northumberland 89.7 FM volunteers, and fellow commenters. If you see something disrespectful or inappropriate, don’t respond, report it, by either flagging the comment in our blog space, private messaging the page administrator or emailing to

Northumberland 89.7 FM values and encourages debate, but will not tolerate hate speech or content that supports violence against people or entities based on, but not limited to, race, religion, gender, age, or sexual orientation.

Harassment and/or intimidation of others on Northumberland 89.7 FM's social/digital media properties will not be tolerated, and patterns of such behavior will result in user removal. Adding a personal attack to an otherwise valuable comment or article serves only to render that contribution invalid in its entirety.

Northumberland 89.7 FM reserves the right to remove any content deemed inappropriate, including but not limited to offensive language, vulgar, or profane content of any kind.

Comments that are off-topic may be deleted at our discretion.

Advertising: Self-promotion, seeding links to your own site(s), and advertising are not allowed unless it is within context of on-air promotion or a segment that has been produced at Northumberland 89.7 FM.

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Do not post links to drive traffic elsewhere for personal or financial gain.

Be responsible for the content you post.

Do not impersonate any person/entity or falsely state your affiliation with any person or entity.

We are firm believers in second chances, but after repeated offensive or disrespectful behavior you may be banned from further participation on any social/digital media properties belonging to Northumberland 89.7 FM.


If you see something on our social/digital media properties that you believe violates our terms, you should report it to us at Please do not report comments based on disagreement or difference of opinion on an issue being discussed.