Solar Eclipse Reaction

Cobourg Eclipse Sold Old.JPG

Awesome.  Really emotional.  Doesn’t seem real.  Extraordinary.  Beyond my imagination. 

Those were a sampling of the sentiments expressed yesterday as Northumberland County residents witnessed first hand a 70 percent partial eclipse on a clear, sunny summer afternoon. 

The scene at the Cobourg Public Library was like a flash back to the 50s when 3D glasses were placed in comfortable cardboard or plastic frames.  It was a fun community event, with people standing around, sitting and lying on the ground with special eclipse glasses taking in the partial solar eclipse.  

Dortwood Observatory said they sold about 450 pairs of glasses.  A telescope was streaming the eclipse into the community room at the Library.  Other telescopes and seating areas with safety-treated binoculars were also available. 

A total solar eclipse will be visible in Ontario on April 8, 2024.