Rezoning Proposal Leads to Heated Exchange

Council Protesters 20170821_193811.jpg

The Cobourg Council chamber was packed with a standing room only crowd, most of whom came to protest the rezoning of 394 College Street to permit the owner to construct 5 one bedroom apartments. The first Cobourg resident to speak in opposition to the rezoning proposal asked everyone in the gallery who opposes the move to stand (see photo above). But the discussion became heated when Cobourg resident, Emily Chorley, noted that the building’s owner, Kristy MacDonald is the niece of Mayor Gil Brocanier. The Mayor angrily responded that he has been in politics for 20 years and no one has ever had cause to challenge his integrity. The Mayor continued stating that he knows far more about what constitutes a conflict of interest than does Ms. Chorley. He said that he would not declare a conflict of interest when he chairs by-law approval of the measure later that evening. However, the matter never came to a vote. Councillor Debra McCarthy stated that she needed more time to consider the issues raised during the public meeting. Councillor Aaron Burchat moved that the issue be referred back to planning staff for a further report on September 11.