Big Beat Live

Madman's Window.jpg

The beautiful Capitol Arts Centre in Port Hope was packed last night, as the curtain went up for the first Cameco Northumberland fundraising concert for 89.7 FM. 

Seven outstanding local bands kept the crowd entertained for over three hours as they played Celtic, Modern Pop, R&B, Classic Blues, Country and Western, Country Rock and Metal Rock. 

One audience member described it as a buffet of music. 

Small Town Radio Chair John Hill said “Northumberland 89.7 is volunteer-run but the station has ongoing expenses.  We do not receive government assistance or major corporate funding.   

Local advertising pays the rent and utilities but for costly equipment purchases and replacement, we have to look to the community for support.  

Offering local talent at a fundraising concert not only assists our outstanding homegrown entertainers but provides the opportunity for the station to earn much-needed financial assistance.” 

He thanked Madman’s Window, Cale Crowe, The Offbeats, Kim Doolittle, The Fabulous Tonemasters, Gentlemen Husbands and Arizona Bliss for volunteering their talent and time.