County hosts Financial Framework Open House

by Cecilia Naismith

Northumberland County is inviting members of the public for an overview of the County Financial Framework Wednesday evening in Cobourg.

The session runs from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at council chambers, located on the second floor at the county building (555 Courthouse Rd., Cobourg).

The press release noted that the session offers several opportunities.

  • To learn about the county's long-term financial-planning framework for programs and services delivered to the community.

  • To get a breakdown of how this framework was applied to the county's 2018 budget and how funds were allocated.

  • To understand the timelines and process for development of the annual budget and updating of the long-term financial plan (according to the framework)

  • To provide feedback for areas of focus that will help county staffers shape long-term priorities.

You are invited for coffee, conversation and the chance to connect with program and service leads to learn more and have your questions answered.

You are also invited to take the survey, which will be available at the open house and also on-line at FinanceOpenHouse. The deadline to submit your completed survey is July 5.