Inmate Dies At Warkworth Institution

Warkworth Institution.jpg

On Labor Day Monday, Jeffrey Woodman, an inmate from Warkworth Institution died while in custody.  Emergency services were called and staff members performed CPR, but the inmate could not be resuscitated.  

At the time of his death, Woodman, 32, had been serving a sentence since April 7, 2015 of 4 years, 8 months and 29 days for Dangerous operation of a Motor Vehicle and Aggravated Assault on a Peace Officer. 

News reports in 2015 described him as a drug addict who deliberately hit an armed police officer with his car, as he ducked bullets and sped away. 

Sgt. Eugene Fenton, who fired four shots in a failed attempt to stop the car in the parking lot of a Kitchener apartment building, suffered a broken knee and other injuries in the September 2013 incident.  He was on crutches for eight weeks, needed months of physiotherapy and was told his knee will never completely return to normal.  Fenton testified he thought he was going to die when Woodman's car accelerated toward him with squealing tires. 

A reliable source says that fentanyl is the suspected cause of death.  Official word awaits the completion of toxicology reports. 

The inmate’s next of kin have been notified of his death.  

The police and the coroner have been notified and Correctional Service Canada will review the circumstances of the incident.