Recycle Right bin deliveries begin

By Cecilia Nasmith

The blue and grey bins that will help Northumberland County institute the dual-stream Recycle Right program in September are now being delivered.


Between now and the end of August, county staff will be dropping off a set of bins at the end of each residential driveway, each labelled with the appropriate set of materials to put inside for collection and each with brochures inside that provide instructions and information about the program.

These deliveries mark an exciting milestone leading up to the fall launch of the Recycle Right program, director of transportation, waste and facilities Mobushar Pannu said in the county's press release.

“These programs will further reduce the quantity of materials destined for our landfill, and increase the quality and value of recyclable material for resale, the revenues from which can then be reinvested into services for our residents,” Pannu said.

Another milestone will be the August delivery of green bins by waste-collection staff so that organics can also be collected.

Starting Sept. 3, the new green-bin program and Recycle Right program will all be in effect. Residents will be asked to separate their recycling by sorting containers into the blue bin and paper materials into the grey bin.

With the green-bin program expected to divert approximately 60% of household waste, the number of curb-side garbage bags accepted weekly will decrease from three bags per household to two.

Also starting in September, additional recycling bins will be available for purchase for $6 from the Northumberland County office at 555 Courthouse Rd. in Cobourg.

County staff remind everyone that the first week of Recycle Right follows the Labour Day holiday. For that week, garbage and recycling collection days will be bumped one day later in the week – pick-ups regularly scheduled for Monday take place on Tuesday, Tuesday pick-ups take place on Wednesday, and so on.

For more information about the Recycle Right program, visit