Community Care Northumberland announces Trent Hills transportation project

By Cecilia Nasmith

Kaylee McIImoyle – CCN Van Scheduler with CCN Drivers Larry Stoutenberg and George Bembich.

With support from the Municipality of Trent Hills, Community Care Northumberland announces that a transit system for the residents of Campbellford, Hastings and Warkworth will begin April 29.

This new service will allow these residents access within and between communities through multiple stops four times a day, the Community Care press release said.

It's not an on-demand service, transportation coordinator Anne Newman noted.

“This means that the van will operate by schedule and circle between the three towns within the Municipality of Trent Hills,” Newman explained.

Though the schedule is not finalized at this point, she expects the van will start in Hastings around 8 a.m. (with three stops, proceed to make three stops in Warkworth, then go on to make five stops in Campbellford, then circle back. Two morning and two afternoon routes are contemplated.

“Residents will be able to obtain this trip for $5 per way,” Newman added.

“Should residents like to spend a few hours in Campbellford and travel around, they may transfer for a $2 ride. The department will soon also announce daily and monthly pass options for regular riders.”

Community Care executive director Trish Baird said this pilot project is made possible with the support of the Trent Hills council and Mayor Bob Crate.

“Together, we will pilot this initiative and determine community and departmental impact towards the end of June, and make any adjustments required to ensure the cost-effectiveness of this new service,” Baird stated.

In addition to municipal support, the Trent Hills Transit program expansion has been made possible by the recent grant received through the Ontario Ministry of Transportation. This grant of $497,200 over five years has allowed for an increase of approximately $90,000 to the Trent Hills budget this fiscal year, and includes the purchase of a new vehicle next year.

“Kaylee McIlmoyle, our van scheduler, has created a route that is also a natural expansion to other routes,” Newman added.

“Kaylee has used data from the area’s ridership and has chosen most-frequently-requested areas and times so that current riders will remain with existing schedules.

“As Kaylee also schedules other routes, there are two more vans available to the area to continue providing both our Rural-to-Urban and Specialized Options transportation services. Both these will remain as on-demand services in order to ensure no riders are missed.

“Community Care is connecting Northumberland with all our transportation services. This new Trent Hills Transit pilot will help us now connect the three communities of Trent Hills,” Newman said.

For more information about this pilot project or any other Community Care Northumberland van services, call 1-866-768-7776.