Cornerstone lands grant for story-sharing initiative

By Cecilia Nasmith

Cornerstone Family Violence Prevention Centre announces its new My Voice Matters: A Story Sharing Project, launched through a grant from the Department of Justice Canada Victim Fund as part of Victims and Survivors of Crime Week – an initiative aimed at empowering victims and survivors and their families by giving them a voice to share and make sense of their personal experiences.

As well as providing this means of support, the grant will help to increase awareness about the prevalence of violence against women (locally and nationally), reflect the diversity and authenticity of survivors' experiences (and the experiences of those who know and love them) and educate others about meaningful ways we can all support survivors of violence and abuse.

“The impact of story sharing cannot be underestimated,” Cornerstone executive director Nancy Johnston said in the agency's press release.

“Not only is story telling effective in transforming stories of victimhood and oppression into stories of survival and inspiration for collective action, storytelling is also a tool that is accessible to everyone.

“A single act of courage is tremendous and has the power to change and influence and to educate – creating an understanding with a broader audience. This grant will allow us the opportunity to give survivors and their families this platform to overcome their challenges and live a life free from violence.”

Wherever these stories are shared and whatever form they take, they can help create unity and inspire action, the new release said, bringing individuals together to confront gender-based violence and other forms of oppression.

Cornerstone is committed to breaking the cycle of family violence by providing immediate shelter, counselling and prevention services throughout Northumberland County, striving to create a place where hope grows.

If you are a woman who has experienced violence, or are a family member of someone who has been impacted, who wishes to share that story, Cornerstone would like to hear from you at 905-372-1545 or

If you or someone you love are struggling with abuse, stand up and seek support any time by contacting Cornerstone's 24-hr. support line at 905-372-0746.