Cobourg councillor offers early-spring warnings

By Cecilia Nasmith

Spring lurking just around the corner is the time to take some warnings to heart, Councillor Brian Darling said at Monday's council meeting.

“Any remaining ice cover on bodies of water will be thin and unstable – high flows, slippery stream banks and dangerous conditions around stream beds and ditches – so I ask everyone to stay well back,” Darling began.

“Be sure your sump pump is in good working order and is not connected to the sanitary sewer, which is a violation of the building code and can contribute to a sewage backup in your basement if you're not careful,” he continued.

“Be sure yours discharges to your yard, a ditch or a storm sewer.”
Councillor Emily Chorley had her own spring-is-coming report – the outdoor rink is now closed for the season, and operations at the town's greenhouses are well under way.