Crowds Despite Bleak Season

Hustwick & Purdy 20170805_121157.jpg

Cobourg Communications Officer Ashley Purdey and Recreation and Culture Director Dean Hustwick welcomed a good-sized crowd to the annual Sandcastle Festival on Saturday. Hustwick said that although wet weather and flooded beach conditions have decreased attendance since May, the crowd arriving for the Sandcastle Festival shows that things may be a bit more rosy as summer winds down. Despite the enthusiasm of visitors to the beachfront, cooler air, breezy conditions and a touch of rain did not spoil the fun.

When asked if Cobourg would be willing to renegotiate its contract for the beach canteen, Hustwick said that would not take place. The canteen space was offered by the town on a two year renewable contract for $20,000 and a portion of sales over that base amount. Although when the contract was made, it was unforeseeable that weather and high water levels  this year would lead to reduced activity, Hustwick countered that is why a multi-year contract was signed. If one year falls short of expectations, profit can be recouped in summers with better conditions.