Notes from the Port Hope Budget Committee Meeting

By Brian Coggins

Tax Arrears Continue to Decline

In 2018, the Port Hope Finance Department continued to aggressively attack the continuing tax arrears situation being experienced by the Municipality.

The work of the Tax and Revenue Manager resulted in a reduction in tax arrears of almost $1.1 million with the largest amount ($678,150)being from the 2017 tax arrears while the arrears for 2016 and older were reduced by $415,768.

The Tax Sale process is in process for those properties 2 years and older.

Funds From the Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund Reduced

With the Provinces goal of reducing expenses, the Municipality of Port Hope will likely experience a reduction in the amount received from this fund in 2019; the Municipality has received an initial amount of $47,325 against a budgeted amount of $160,905 but there is no guarantee that any further payments will be received from the Province.