Council shares fire-safety tips

By Cecilia Nasmith

During the co-ordinator-reports segment of this week's Cobourg council meeting, councillors put forth some important fire-safety tips to share with the public.

Protection Services Co-ordinator Aaron Burchat brought the tips forward in the form of reminders from the Cobourg Fire Department.

For one, Burchat said, everyone should remember to test smoke detectors on a regular basis.

“It's something a lot of people forget to do,” he said.

As well, anyone with fire hydrants on his or her property is urged to clear the snow away from them in order to ensure the best possible response time in case of emergency.

Mayor John Henderson offered his own tip on checking the smoke alarm based on his discussions with Capt. Aaron Blair - choose the birthday of someone in the family and, each year on that date, make the check.

“Throughout the winter season in Ontario, we seem to have more fires. Hopefully this is something you can agree to in your family that will work for you,” Henderson said.