Take on-line survey to help shape county's new Digital Strategy

By Cecilia Nasmith

Northumberland residents who wish to have input into the new Digital Strategy being created by Northumberland County have until May 16 to participate in an on-line survey.

The idea behind the new strategy is to adopt and use that technology that can best meet the community's evolving needs and expectations, the county press release said.
“We recognize that, as technology changes, there continue to be new opportunities for innovation, economic development, social inclusion and service accessibility,” county chief administrative officer Jennifer Moore stated.

“The Digital Strategy will be a road map for the county’s digital modernization activities, supporting the sustainable delivery of efficient, effective services to residents, and ensuring that any investments in technology align with the priorities identified by council for serving the community.”

Members of the public expect to be able to connect with their government and access programs and services through both traditional and on-line service-delivery models, the press release noted. The Digital Strategy will focus on leveraging technology in new and innovative ways that complement existing processes and further benefit residents, businesses and the organization.

Key considerations in developing this strategy range include the availability of high-speed internet, the necessity of data governance and privacy protection, new community-engagement models and on-line payment capabilities, IT director Tony Paulic listed.

“We welcome feedback from our residents and businesses to help us tailor priorities to the specific needs of the community.”

Visit before May 16 to complete the survey. The final strategy is expected to go before county council this fall.