Transition House should be back by fall

by Cecilia Naismith

Following an intensive system review and request-for-proposals process, Northumberland County has announced its partnership with Transition House shelter in Cobourg to deliver modernized emergency shelter services for the community.

Following a temporary closure, Northumberland community and social-services director Lisa Horne said in the county's preses release, they are very pleased Transition House responded to the requirements outlined in the county’s Request for Proposal for the delivery of shelter services for Northumberland.

“This organization has a long-standing commitment to providing safe and compassionate emergency shelter for residents in need. We look forward to collaborating to ensure a best-practice operation that is fully integrated into the community’s co-ordinated homelessness response system,” Horne stated.

The county's RFP was issued in February, with the aim of bringing the local shelter system into alignment with the Housing First model that now underpins all local inter-agency collaboration on homelessness. Under this model, the emergency shelter fulfills a vital role as a point-of-entry hub within the broader homelessness system, where people experiencing chronic homelessness are connected with resources to enable a transition to safe, affordable and stable housing as quickly as possible.

“Transition House has a history within this community of providing dignified and supportive emergency shelter, life skills and transitional support to those who are experiencing a housing crisis,” Transition House board chair Catherine White added.

“This is a critical service for the community, and we are proud to have been selected to work with Northumberland County to continue these important efforts as part of the evolving community-wide system of housing and homelessness supports for Northumberland residents.”

Preparations are now underway for Transition House to be fully operational by fall of this year.