Cobourg YIPIs Play Host

YIPI Cobourg 20170817_092740.jpg

Members of Cobourg's Youth in Policing Initiative (YIPI) welcomed their counterparts from Gananoque, Kingston, and Peel Region to Cobourg for a town tour, exploration of the Cobourg marina and harbour and lunch with police and town officials. The day long event on Thursday allows the Cobourg YIPI contingent to repay the hospitality shown earlier in the summer by the towns and cities attending for this event.

The YIPI students will be returning to school in the fall but everyone considered the time spent over the summer to have been a worthwhile venture. When asked what was the major unexpected take away, the students were unanimous in pointing out that police service is more than law enforcement and included much more community involvement than they previously understood.

The Cobourg YIPI contingent, pictured above, include (top row to bottom, left to right): Catherine Rowan, Kyle Reid, Sarah Sheilds (team leader), Darlene Nassak, and Amelia Watts.