Northumberland celebrates Paramedic Services Week

By Cecilia Nasmith

Northumberland County is observing Paramedic Services Week, a time for Northumberland Paramedics to celebrate staff achievements (through peer-nominated awards presentations) and highlight the importance of community access to Automated External Defibrillators.

From left: Northumberland Paramedics Chief Bill Detlor, paramedic Giselle Philip, Phil Kift of the Centreton Community Centre, paramedic superintendent Marcelle Johnson and Edith Kift of the Centreton Community Centre

AEDs are portable medical devices that provide immediate life-saving support the victims of sudden heart commplications until paramedics arrive.

Throughout the year, Northumberland Paramedics raise money in support of the Public Access Defibrillator Program, through which they purchase AEDs for local community spaces. This week, paramedics donated one of these AEDs to the Centreton Community Centre in honour of Northumberland Paramedic David Hornbeck, who passed away last year. This donation was made possible through the generous support of the Northumberland Trail Riders.

Northumberland County Warden John Logel expressed the community's gratitude to the Northumberland Paramedics, “for their professionalism in providing 24/7 emergency medical service across the county, and for their demonstrated dedication to our community through volunteer initiatives such as the PAD Program.

“On behalf of county council, I applaud our highly-accomplished, highly-trained front-line paramedic personnel for the difference they make in the lives of others through their tireless commitment to the health and well-being of our community members.”

Community organizations interested in applying to receive an AED through the Northumberland Paramedics PAD Program may submit an application form by visiting