Port Hope Police Report


Man charged with domestic related assault

A 35 year old Port Hope man was arrested early Monday morning after police were called to a domestic dispute in the down town core. Port Hope Police officers were given information that occupants of the down town apartment were in a heated argument. A man described as the victim’s spouse was taken into custody and charged with assault. He was held for a show cause hearing.

Grandchild/Parent scam finds a victim in Port Hope

A senior citizen has fallen victim to a scam Monday after she wired money via western union to a location believed to be in Quebec. The woman received a call from someone purported to be a lawyer. He told the woman her son was charged with “reckless driving” and he needed money for bail. The woman went to Cobourg and wired $1000.00 dollars. The male called back shortly after and said he needed another amount to pay for fines. The woman sent more money but was able to stop that transaction after a neighbour assisted her in getting in contact with her son. 

People with elderly family members need to make sure they are aware of such scams that prey on the trusting nature of senior citizens.  Police conduct regular lectures for seniors on frauds and scams.  Amongst this scam is; the phoney bank employee scam, Microsoft Computer scam, Canada Revenue Agency Scam, email scams, fake invoice scams.  Usually anyone asking for money via internet and or telephone ,it is safe to say, it is a scam.  Do not to send money or give any personal information out to people whom are unknown.  

Police are continuing with the investigation.