Trent Hills Mayor Hector Macmillan Succumbs to Cancer


Northumberland County Councillor and Trent Hills Mayor Hector Macmillan passed away earlier today at his residence in Campbellford following his brave battle with cancer. 

In addition to his roles as Mayor of Trent Hills for four consecutive terms and County Councillor, Councillor Macmillan served two terms as Warden of Northumberland County.  

Beyond his considerable success in office, Councillor Macmillan is also recognized for his tireless advocacy on behalf of pancreatic cancer patients. 

With unwavering determination and renowned tenacity, Councillor Macmillan successfully petitioned the Ontario government to expand access to the Irreversible Electroporation (IRE) treatment - also known as NanoKnife—for those suffering from pancreatic cancer.  

After travelling to Germany to receive this treatment, Macmillan made it his mission to ensure that all pancreatic cancer patients have the same opportunity and access to this life extending technology. 

He welcomed news in February of this year that the province would launch a three-year clinical trial. 

Even as his illness progressed, he remained steadfast in fulfilling the responsibilities of office, right up until his final days. 

Under his leadership, the County achieved many significant results for the community, including significant improvements to local road and bridge infrastructure, advancements in paramedic first response, development of a Long-Term Waste Management Master Plan, including expansion of Northumberland’s recycling program, and milestones such as the development of a successful bid to host the first-ever inter-municipal set of Parasport Games. 

One of the projects that was particularly important to him was securing a new river crossing for Campbellford.  

The County made significant progress on this initiative, and announced just this past summer that it would be proceeding with design and construction of the new two-lane bridge, following approval by the Ontario government of the Environmental Assessment study. 

County Warden Mark Walas said Macmillan believed in standing for what was right even when it might be unpopular but was open to changing his perspective if he felt an opposing argument made sense. 

Deputy Mayor Robert Crate of Trent Hills remembered his practical side and strong feelings about ensuring that infrastructure be upgraded and regular maintenance plans be put in place. 

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