Press Release regarding All-Candidates Meeting

The Cobourg Taxpayers Association today issued a press release explaining their withdrawal from hosting the All Candidates event in Cobourg.    It said, in part, “It is unfortunate that 89.7 FM, as an important media outlet in our community, decided not to proceed with the all-candidates meeting.”

This statement requires some clarification.

Northumberland 89.7FM first became aware over this past weekend of some problems developing with the CTA and the event.  It was quickly decided by our radio station to take this matter to our Board of Directors at our meeting this past Tuesday evening.

Before our meeting convened, we learned the CTA had withdrawn from organizing the event, which meant that Northumberland 89.7FM had no decision to make.  

Subsequently we learned the CTA had withdrawn from the event because they were told that 89.7FM had withdrawn.  

Northumberland 89.7FM has always been and always will be supportive of events in the community that promote the distribution of news and information.  We are disappointed that the all candidates event has been shelved, but we at Northumberland 89.7FM are willing to work with a group that will take on the role of organizers to make it happen.  As in the past, we can fill the role of recording the proceedings and replaying the event on air at a later date, as well as promotion of the event.

It is our hope that something yet may be worked out so the event can proceed.


Barry Walker

Chair, Northumberland 89.7FM