Councillors demand combined conferences

By Cecilia Nasmith

Northumberland County council has supported a motion by the Township of Tyendinaga calling for the Rural Ontario Municipal Association and Ontario Good Roads Association to hold one combined annual general meeting – the way it used to be.

The motion of support was made by Port Hope Mayor Bob Sanderson.

This is fairly straightforward, Sanderson said, but what's left unsaid is why the separation occurred.

“Probably for reasons we don't actually know,” Sanderson guessed - “but from a county perspective and municipal-staff perspective, we don't want to send people to two different conferences.”

Newly elected Brighton Mayor Brian Ostrander had recently had the opportunity to attend ROMA without OGRA, and doesn't like the new arrangement.

“I don't know why the divorce happened, but it was a sad divorce,” Ostrander commented,

With one conference at the end of January and the other at the end of February, Warden John Logel said, it is not an efficient use of anyone's time or money.