Fraud Alert

By Brian Coggins

Port Hope Police are warning residents to be aware of a pay pal scam that a Port Hope resident fell victim to.

The resident was attempting to upgrade his Pay Pal account and googled the administration number. He viewed a web site identifying as Pay Pal and dialed the administration number.  He was told by an individual that his account had been compromised and that he needed to send a prepayment in order that it could be fixed.

He was told for “ease sake” to send google play cards. The individual purchased some cards and sent the codes in. He was then contacted and asked for more money at which time he realized he was scammed.  Port Hope Police are advising no legitimate organization will request payment in Google Play cards or other internet currency.  

Further, residents are advised to be careful when utilizing internet browsers to locate phone numbers.  Most time they are accurate but as seen here sometimes they are not.