YMCA Strong Kids Duathlon Results

On Friday, August 24, 2018, YMCA Northumberland hosted its annual Strong Kids Duathlon.

The event brought out 85 local children, giving them the opportunity to race and raise funds and awareness for the YMCA Strong Communities Campaign.

Participants from 3 years to 13 years old, swam in the YMCA Centennial Pool then ran a track through Victoria Park while friends, family, and community members cheered them on.

Donations and pledges raised at the event will go directly to the YMCA Strong Communities Campaign supporting individuals and families in Northumberland County.

The Campaign team wishes to thank all the athletes, volunteers, and organizers.

Participant Results:

GIRLS (Age 3)

Rory Elliot, Loressa Williams, Katie Hogg

BOYS (Age 3)

Noah John Colbert, Kiefer Gothelf, Cole Williams, Callum Judd

GIRLS (Age 4-5)

Claire Allen, Delancy Banville, Zara Dew, Laurel Dudley, Quinn

Needham, Nima Starr, Avery Elliott, Madeline Walker,

Ruby Publicover

BOYS (Age 4-5)

Sam Andrews, Avery Bodmore, Jack Jones, Jacob Kelly, Maxwell

Mandzuk, Declan Marr, Duncan Marr, Max Pemberton, Levon

Tanner, Ben Williams, Jackson Williams, Samuel Wilson, Noah

Giddings, Jacob Dafoe, Sawyer Hogg, Rylan Codmore

GIRLS (6-7)

Renee Allen (3:49), Molly Wilson (3:51), Charlotte Walker (4:09),

Presley Giroux (4:32), Amelia Thomas (4:53), Lillian Judd (4:54),

Louisa Mueller (5:13), Aliviah Harmon (5:16),

LiLyanna Purdy (6:05)

BOYS (6-7)

Tyler Kelly (3:50), Ronan Thomas (3:58),

Elliot Banville (4:07), Oliver Shehan (4:08), Tucker William (4:11),

Cameron Pemberton (4:38), Meyer Gotthelf (9:10)

GIRLS (8-9)

Alyse Herron (7:31), Audrey Clarke (7:35), Lucy Johnson (7:39),

Ayla Wilson (7:40), Julia Mckinley (8:15), Ayla Cudmore (8:29), Keira

Dew (8:52), Jillian Colbert (9:14), Delyth Thomas (9:37), Jenifer

Fisher (12:11)

BOYS (8-9)

Evan Thomas (6:47), Connor Dew (6:50), Samuel Clarke (7:09), Jack

Heckbert (7:20), Edgar Merepeza (7:41), Stephen Vaughan (7:48),

Lawson Williams (7:55), Aidan Kelly (8:15),

Theo Raymond (8:45)

GIRLS (10-11)

Emily Goodall (9:19), Lauren Wilson (9:38), Charlotte Patterson

(9:52), Cadence Shehan (10:15), Ariana Herron (11:48), Noah

Raymond (11:59), Sarah Inglis (13:05), Emma Williams

BOYS (10-11)

Tristan Merepeza (9:35), Emmett Clarke (9:38),

Ryan Dunn (12:21), Dawson Badali (12:51),

Matthew Dunn (13:28)

GIRLS (12-13)

Jillian Thomas (12:38), Annabel Port (12:46),

Bridgette Byne (14:06)

BOYS (12-13)

Scott Chrysler (14:39)

The Strong Kids Duathlon kicks off YMCA Northumberland’s

fall running events. Visit to learn

more about the Brighton YMCA Applefest Run (Sun Sept 30),

Northumberland Forest Turkey Trot (Mon Oct 8), Reindeer Run

(Sat Dec 1).

The YMCA urges everyone to get outside and get active to help build strong communities.

All photos courtesy of Chris Lotton Photography.