Auditor General Will Follow Up

Nursing homes in Ontario will once again be reviewed by Ontario’s Auditor General. When questioned on Friday’s Week in Review on Northumberland 89.7, Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk stated that nursing homes will once again be one of the subjects of her 2017 report to the Legislature expected in November. Lysyk said that nursing homes came under scrutiny in 2015 and her office determines how successful the government has been in implementing recommendations two years after they are made. The Ontario Government has drawn fire after the conviction of Elizabeth Wettlaufer who murdered elderly nursing home residents by overdosing them with insulin. Wettlaufer told a Superior Court sitting at Woodstock that she thought she was doing God’s work in killing multiple elderly residents over a period of some years. The Opposition has been demanding answers from the Government and seeking a Public Inquiry. Lysyk’s statement on Northumberland 89.7 was the first indication anything will ensue now that a murder conviction has been registered.