Cobourg Police Weekly Report

Between Monday the 12th of June to Sunday the 18th of June, 2017, the Cobourg Police Service responded to 194 calls for service including:


Motor Vehicle Collisions, Family Dispute calls, Domestic Dispute calls, Assault calls, Unknown Trouble / 911 calls, Mental Health calls, Police Assistance calls, Unwanted Person Calls, Suspicious Person calls, Harassment calls, Theft calls, Missing Person calls, Impaired Driver calls, Break and Enter calls, Trespass to Property Act calls, Alarm calls, Animal Complaint calls, Noise Complaint calls and Foot Patrols.


Here are examples of the calls for the week:


Jun 12th


•    Police received a report of speeding in the area of D’Arcy Street and University Ave East between the hours of 7:30 am to 8:30 am.  As a result of the traffic complaint, Officers from the Police Service have been in the area conducting traffic enforcement targeting the complaint.  An example of some charges laid include Speeding and Drive Motor Vehicle with No Licence


• Police conducted a Foot Patrol at the 860 William Street (the Court House), Cobourg. Police Officers regularly conduct random foot patrols of the court house to help ensure security and safety within;


Jun 13th :


• Police responded to a panic alarm at a residential address, upon speaking with occupants of the residence it was deemed to be false in nature and subsequently a false alarm; and


• Police were dispatched to a report of a Noise Complaint at a residence in the early morning hours.  It turned out the occupant was attempting to install an air conditioner due to the heat; the male was advised to lower his voice and quiet down; he complied.  


Jun 14th :


• Police were dispatched to a report of a Theft at a local gas station.  As a result of the investigation and video surveillance the registered owner of the motor vehicle was contacted and returned to pay for the fuel, there were no criminal charges were laid; and


• Police responded to an area business for an intrusion alarm.  Upon Police arrival it was revealed that a new employee did not have the correct information to turn off the alarm.  The incident was cleared as false.


Jun 15th: 


• Police responded to a report of a possible impaired driver, the Ontario Provincial Police contacted Cobourg Police with the report.  A search of the area met with negative results in locating the impaired driver.  The registered owner of the motor vehicle did not reside in Cobourg


• Police were dispatched to a Mental Health incident at a residence.  Upon Police meeting with the complainant, it was determined that a person in the residence required medical assistance.  A female was voluntarily transported to a hospital for assistance and observation.


Jun 16th: 


• Police were dispatched to a report of a family dispute which was initially reported as a possible mental health breakdown.  As a result of Police attendance, it was revealed that a teenage male in the residence did not want to follow house rules imposed by his parent.  The male apologized to his parent and was permitted to stay in the residence


• Police were dispatched to a Theft from motor vehicle.  Video surveillance exists of two unknown males entering the motor vehicle, the investigation is continuing. 


The public are reminded to keep valuables out of your motor vehicle, or at least out of sight and ensure the vehicle is locked when unoccupied.


Jun 17th:  


• Police were dispatched to the downtown area for a report of a Domestic Disturbance, a male and female were arguing as they walked.  A search of the area was conducted with Police which met with negative results in locating the male and female.  It was further reported that the two persons departed the area in a silver Chevrolet motor vehicle, no licence plate was obtained.  Police conducted a search of the area for the silver motor vehicle which met with negative results. 


• Police were dispatched to an Unwanted Person at an east end residence.  Police spoke with the complainant who reported that she wanted a female, whom she had met online, and who had been visiting her from Toronto, removed.  The complainant and unwanted person were both intoxicated by alcohol.  The unwanted guest was ultimately arrested for Breach of the Peace; as she continually yelled aloud around the residential area.  The female was released from Police custody once sober unconditionally.


Jun 18th: 


• In the early morning hours, Police were called to a single motor vehicle collision on Division Street north of Densmore Rd.  A northbound motor vehicle had hit a median leaving a large debris field across the medians in the vicinity.  The driver of the motor vehicle was transported to hospital by ambulance with minor injuries.  The driver of the motor vehicle was charged with Careless Driving contrary to Section 130 of the Highway Traffic Act, which has a penalty of $490.00 and 6 Demerit Points; and


• Police were dispatched to a report of a barking dog in a northeast residential area.  Upon arrival in the area, no dog could be heard making noise.  Police conducted a search of the area which met with negative results in locating the dog or residence where the dog was at.