Migrate Port Hope Accessibility Upgrades

by Brian Coggins

The Migrate Port Hope app was developed two years ago to assist visitors to locate places to shop, eat, stay, or visit Port Hope and works in both English and Mandarin.  The app uses cloud-based technology to deliver messages to visitors using this app on their smart phones.  The technology allows the users to that they are in proximity or a business or landmark and provides information about the individual locations. 

Currently there are 21 businesses which have these beacons in their locations. The CNIB has now requested, through the Marketing Department, if they can tap into the Migrate Port Hope app modify these beacons to connect with their BlindSquare app which can be used so that visually impaired individuals can be given instructions to locate the handles on the doors as well as to navigate around these locations. 

Port Hope will be the first community in Canada to undertake this initiative and the CNIB will publicize and promote these apps.  The total cost of this project is $6,005.