Batman would be proud

By Cecilia Nasmith

Everyone who had a jacket was flapping it at the bat that circled Cobourg council chambers for 10 minutes at this week's committee-of-the-whole meeting.

It was drawn to everyone's attention by Councillor Nicole Beatty's horrified shriek. Mayor John Henderson declared a recess to deal with the emergency, while Councillor Brian Darling gallantly draped his jacket over Beatty's head to protect her hair.

Everyone else watched its frantic overhead circling for about 10 minutes. Its blundering flight path eventually took it into the adjacent committee room, where councillors rushed to close the doors and trap it so council business could resume.

“For everyone watching on YouTube or in the gallery, Councillor Beatty has a phobia,” Beatty admitted.

“Batman would be proud,” Mayor John Henderson declared.

To watch the meeting click this link. For other recorded meetings from Cobourg Town Council check out their YouTube channel here.