County council updated on housing and homelessness

By Cecilia Nasmith

Northumberland County has released its 2018 Housing and Homelessness Annual Report, highlighting progress made by the county and its community partners in supporting and programming designed for a robust housing and homelessness-response system.

The partnerships that have been developed over the past year have resulted in innovative programs and the fulfillment of objectives in the county's 10-year Housing and Homelessness Plan, director of community and social services Lisa Horne stated in the county's press release.

“This report reflects positive progress in improving local programs and services, and co-ordinating our community response,” Horne said.

“We look forward to continuing this collaboration in the future.”

The 10-year plan includes objectives aimed at ending chronic homelessness through a Housing First approach, focusing on preventive measures that stabilize people's housing. This strategic direction has guided a number of programs and initiatives essential to ensuring the best outcomes in the community.

Throughout 2018, some key deliverables included the development of a draft framework for an Affordable Housing Strategy and progress on the construction of a 31-unit affordable-housing build in Cobourg. There was also the completion of the second homelessness enumeration, offering valuable insight into the needs of the community's homeless population and the continuation of the Housing Support Program using Social Infrastructure Fund Housing Allowances and Rent Supplements in support of the Housing First approach.

As well, Transition House was reopened and selected to provide emergency shelter to adults in Northumberland, in collaboration with the Transition House board.

Acting Warden Bob Crate said county council takes pride in the progress reported.

“We look forward to continued partnership with community agencies to achieve new milestones in fulfillment of the principle that a home for everyone is key,” Crate added.

The full report is available at