Look for parking changes near Terry Fox school

By Cecilia Nasmith

Those picking up students (or dropping them off) at Terry Fox Public School should soon find it easier to park, following a report at Cobourg council's committee-of-the-whole meeting Monday.

Director of public works Laurie Wills had taken a look at the petition Debbie Davis submitted late last year seeking amendments to the no-parking restrictions on Riddell Street and the nearby end of White Street – no parking on White and no parking on the west side of Riddell, with parking on the east side of Riddell prohibited between 7 and 9 a,m. And also from 2 to 4 p.m.

While those transporting children could park on nearby streets and walk from there, the restrictions on Riddell Street were established for several reasons Wills set out – to avoid congestion at those busy times of day, to avoid having children cross a street to get to a car and to avoid obstructing pedestrian sight lines.

On White Street, however, she had good news to offer. Permitting parking only during those busy times on the south side adjacent to the school would still allow time for road maintenance and snow plowing.

Wills estimated the cost of materials (like signs and signposts) and actual work on the road to ready it for the change would be $1,100,

Councillor Emily Chorley offered an expansion on the proposed motion to receive the report for information purposes – that staff implement the report's analysis and allow parking on the south side of White Street adjacent to the school by May 31.

It's not quite that simple, chief administrative officer Stephen Peacock noted.

“This will come back to council as a by-law change,” he said.

“Any parking adjustment requires adjustment to the parking bylaw.”

Given this requirement and any public-works operations associated with the change, Councillor Nicole Beatty asked, is the May 31 deadline realistic.

“It's not an emergency priority for the staff, but they will be able to get to it by then,” director of public works Laurie Wills said.