County approves tender for Campbellford bridge

By Cecilia Nasmith

Northumberland County council approved a tender for the Campbellford bridge project at its February meeting to be awarded to the GHD company.

Two bids were received, director of transportation, waste and facilities Mo Pannu reported, both offering prices within range of what had been expected. The GHD bid scored the highest in terms of meeting all specifications, in the amount of $966,953 plus HST.

The project is estimated to take two to three years.

Funds in the amount of $565,000 are available in the 2019 Trent River Bridge Crossing budget, $645,000 is available in 2019 carryover funds for the Trent River Bridge Crossing, and $1.190-million is available in the Trent River Bridge reserve fund.

As well, council voted to transfer a further $593,971.37 from the Trent River Bridge reserve as needed over the the course of the project to cover other associated costs outside the scope of this award.