Warning: hands off Cobourg election signs

By Cecilia Nasmith

The Town of Cobourg in conjunction with Cobourg Police Services reminds citizens that stealing or damaging candidates' election signs can result in criminal charges.

The press release they issued notes that the police have been receiving reports of these signs being damaged, removed, and stolen from lawns and private properties. They are warning that any such action can result in a criminal charge of theft – and if election signs are intentionally damaged or vandalized, the person responsible could face a charge of mischief under the Criminal Code.

The fact that some of these signs are on private property is also significant. Any person entering on to private property without consent in order to commit an illegal act in relation to election signs is also committing the offence of trespassing.

Then there are incidents where a resident finds an election sign has been placed on his or her property without permission, In such cases, the resident should immediately contact the candidate's office to have the sign removed.

To report vandalism or theft of a candidate's election sign, please contact the police at 905-372-6821.