County postpones compostable collections

By Cecilia Nasmith

Though green, gray and blue bins are still being distributed to residential locations throughout Northumberland County (on a west-to-east basis), the county has announced a delay in the start of green-box pick-ups.

The green boxes are designed for food waste, the gray for paper waste and the blue for recyclables, all in a bid to divert waste from scarce landfill space. While blue and gray bins can be used (according to the material that accompanies them) as soon as they arrive, the county foresees a Dec. 2 start for green-box pick-ups as opposed to the planned date in early September.

This is due to unforeseen circumstances, the county press release said, with the collection contractor not able to offer this service as soon as originally planned. Until it begins, the three-bag maximum for trash collection remains in place.

Meanwhile, proper use of the gray and blue boxes can help divert material from the landfill. The county foresees even more benefit next fall, when the contractor will move to vehicles that further sort recyclable materials.

Warden John Logel stated in the press release that this is an unfortunate delay and thanked residents for their patience as the county works with its contractor partners to have all three programs fully implemented by year's end.

Green-bin delivery is expected to be completed by the end of the month, with blue and gray bins expected to be completely distributed by the end of October.

These programs are a vital cornerstone of the county's Long-term Waste Management Master Plan, which has a goal of diverting more than 75% of the waste generated by residents from the landfill. It is estimated that the new green-bin program will result in the diversion of more than 2,000 tonnes of food waste, with the gray and blue bins making up the Recycle Right initiative that should achieve an additional 1,000 tonnes of diversion.

For more information, visit www.Northumberland/ca/RecyclingAndWaste or call 1-866-293-8379