Cobourg Council defeats motion for investigation

The motion to investigate Cobourg council members after information from a closed session was leaked “unnecessarily damages the reputation of the town and divides council” according to Coun. Emily Chorley

On Monday night, Cobourg council brought forward a motion that called for the town’s Integrity Commissioner to launch an investigation to determine the source or sources and that the findings and recommendations for penalties be shared with council and the public. 

At the meeting Coun. Chorley shared why she would not be supporting the call for an investigation.

Coun. Adam Bureau expressed similar thoughts.

The final vote was 4-3. Mayor John Henderson, Coun. Aaron Burchart and Coun. Brian Darling were in support while Deputy Mayor Suzanne Seguin, Coun. Chorley, Coun. Bureau and Coun. Nicole Beatty were against.

The motion was defeated.