Thank your doctor on May 1

By Cecilia Nasmith

On May 1, Northumberland Hills Hospital will join forces with the West Northumberland Community Physician Recruitment and Retention Committee – along with health-care organizations across the province – to recognize the exception contributions made by our doctors.

“Few people have a close a view of us as our doctors,” the hospital press release noted.

“They're with us for the most stressful parts of our lives, and for some of the most joyful. We grow up with them, we hare our fears and questions with them, and they help us to grow old with dignity.”

Doctors across the province treat more than 340,000 patients across the province each day in hospitals, long-term-care facilities, clinics and in patients' homes (and ore than 6.3-million each year in emergency departments), with a commitment to providing the high-quality care their patients need and deserve.

By way of thanks, NHH and WNCPRRC invite you to participate in the Ontario Medical Association's 2019 digital campaign called #DoctorsDay. Share some of the inspirational stories and experiences you have had with your doctor that will help highlight and celebrate their expertise, dedication and value to patient care in our community.

“We are extremely fortunate to have such a strong and active community of physicians in West Northumberland,” hospital president and chief executive officer Linda Davis said in the press release.

“Thank you for all you do, here at the hospital and in the broader community, to put patients first.”

WNPRRC chair Gerald Blackstock also offered his thanks.

“We know that all of you go above and beyond on a daily basis, and we appreciate your commitment to health care in West Northumberland.”

The press release also shared a number of interesting statistics about the healers who serve us.

It takes eight to 12 years to complete a medical education, not counting on-going mandatory continuing-professional-development courses. At this time there are some 3,400 medical students and 4,600 residents in this process.

Some 31,500 doctors practice in Ontario which includes 14,800 general practitioners and 15,700 specialists in 47 specialty areas (ranging from medical oncology to public health).

Through its overhead, each physician's office contributes the equivalent of four full-time jobs in their communities, generates $205,000 in GDP and generates $50,000 in tax revenues for municipal, provincial and Federal governments.

Join the conversation and submit your story at And don't forget to share it on your own social-media channels using the hashtag #DoctorsDay. Patient stories will be highlighted through the Ontario Medical Association's social-media channels throughout the month of May.