Councillors report on graduation season

By Cecilia Nasmith

Cobourg councillors shared stories this week about attending local graduations, but Councillor Aaron Burchat reminded everyone that not every graduating class is from a high school.

Burchat recently attended the graduation of a class of seven Cobourg Police Service auxiliary officers.

“These individuals are just beyond amazing,” he stated.

These new grads were most recently seen working hard alongside the Cobourg Police Service officers at the Waterfront Festival, but have also been spotted at such public-service functions as the car-seat clinics for new parents (and older ones who may not be sure their car seats are correctly installed, Burchat said).

Not all are from Cobourg, Burchat continued. They come from as far away as Warkworth and even Toronto to volunteer for the good of the Cobourg community.

“One of these individuals not only does her full-time job – she is also a volunteer firefighter in Port Hope as well as volunteering for us,” he said.

“I think that's excellent to see. And I would highly recommend anyone who sees these individuals, just thank them because this is all volunteer.”

Councillor Adam Bureau had his own graduation story to share, as he attended celebrations at the Centre for Individual Studies.

“It's really inspiring to see all the adults graduating,” Bureau said.

“The oldest one was 65, and that is just fantastic.”