Cobourg water park delayed one year

by Cecilia Naismith

At The Lake Distributing Incorporated, in partnership with Summer Water Sports, regretfully announced that the opening of the floating water park at Cobourg beach has been postponed to summer 2019.

For the past six months, both businesses state that they have worked diligently with the Town of Cobourg to prepare for an opening this summer. However, according to the press release from ATL and Summer Water Sports, the total number of lifeguards required to operate the water park safely could not be procured.

In its presentations to Cobourg council, the company had stressed the importance of safety, and a sufficient number of lifeguards was a key consideration.

The deferral is disappointing news for all parties, the press release said, as the addition of this feature to the beach would have been an exciting attraction for the thousands of local residents and visiting guests who enjoy the waterfront each summer.

This is very disappointing for all parties involved, as the addition of the water park to Cobourg Beach was intended to add an exciting feature for the thousands of local and visiting guests to the beach each summer.

The press release acknowledges the town's commitment to the project and the work it has invested in moving it forward. In preparation for next June, it added, the hiring process for lifeguards will begin later this year.

“We look forward to working with the staff at The Town of Cobourg to bring this water park project to fruition,” it said.