Marathon Man

Stubbing 2.JPG

Ken Stubbings, a 30-year employee at Northumberland County, is known for running the roads in Cobourg, Port Hope, Hamilton Township, and Alnwick/Haldimand.

Stubbings, 55, is also somebody who sets goals to keep himself motivated.

In 2002, he ran his first marathon of 42 km in Massey, Ontario.

Over the years he, his wife and in-laws achieved a goal to complete a marathon in every province and territory.

After achieving a goal of 50 by age 50, last year he ran his 90th marathon.

Last Sunday he hit his 100th milestone when running the Prince Edward County Marathon with a finish time of just under 3 hours and forty minutes.

Stubbings says his next goal is to help his wife in completing her 100th half marathon in the next two years.