Town: "All Machines Are Now Working"

Pay and Display Parking 004 (002).JPG

This weekend is Rib Fest, one of the busiest high traffic summer events at the Cobourg waterfront.  If you’re looking to park at the waterfront and don’t have change, according to a Cobourg resident, three of the four Pay and Display parking machines were not working yesterday and some have not been accepting credit cards for a period of time. 

The problems with the Pay and Display machines have been causing line-ups and inconvenience for tourists.  

The Town told 89.7 News this morning that all machines are now working.  The McGill Parking Lot Pay and Display is working but accepting coins only.  It acknowledged that there have been issues with the Pay and Display machines and apologizes to citizens for the inconvenience this has caused.  

Cobourg’s Public Works Division have been working on a solution with its current technical provider regarding an upgrade to the encryption of credit card processing.