Danger at the CCC Citizen Alleges

There is danger overhead at the CCC a Cobourg citizen urges. While visiting the Bowl of the Cobourg Community Centre, Cobourg resident John Cairns witnessed a Plexiglas diffuser fall from a ceiling electrical fixture crashing into the concrete pad below that would ordinarily be the ice surface. Cairns noted other diffusers seemed to be held in place by clear plastic tape. He took photos of the tape hanging from diffusers and explained the problem to Councillor Brian Darling and Mayor Gil Brocanier. The Mayor has not responded to Cairns.

Northumberland 89.7 attended at the CCC and in the absence of Director Dean Hustwick, staff advised that no danger exists but that Hustwick is investigating. Staff admitted a diffuser had fallen but speculated that the diffuser had been dislodged by a being hit with a puck or a lacrosse ball.

Cairns told Northumberland 89.7 that he is concerned the plastic tape may give way while an event is taking place at the arena causing injury or even death to someone who may be hit by the falling object.