Local families benefit from one-time child-care break

By Cecilia Nasmith

In partnership with the Ontario Ministry of Education, the County of Northumberland is supporting parents hit by the high cost of licensed child care by providing a one-time benefit of up to $4,000.

This month, the county will distribute funding from the provincial government to local families in the form of a one-time subsidy of child-care fees paid between Jan. 1, 2018, and Oct. 31, 2018, for children aged four and under (before-school eligibility).

In order to be eligible for this subsidy, families must have used licensed care in Northumberland – centre-based or home-based.

This funding will be provided to qualifying licensed child-care operators in the community, who will distribute the funds to their clients - $20 per day for full-day infant care (and $10 per day for half-day care); $15 per day for full-day toddler care (and $7.50 per day for half-day care); and $10 per day for full-day pre-school care (and $5 per day for half-day care). Families are encouraged to contact their licensed child-care providers for more information.

Northumberland community and social services director Lisa Horne stated in the press release that this benefit supports families at a time of increasing financial need.

“Northumberland County continues to examine opportunities to further ensure quality child care, and early-years programming is accessible to local families.”