Concerns Over Heavy Rain

Drainage Pipe to Colborne Creek.jpg

A business in the Township of Cramahe is under scrutiny after heavy rains over the Thanksgiving weekend caused flooding in the loading dock area of the property.

Concerned resident Ken Awender noticed the flooding and what appears to be a pipe draining directly into nearby Colborne Creek from the property.

The building has no signs identifying the name or type of business, but Awender believes that the company, which opened up during the summer, is manufacturing heavy-duty brake parts, and that pieces of equipment, skids and baskets were sitting outside in the floodwater.

He is concerned there may be contaminants spilling into the creek, which is a protected waterway that discharges into Lake Ontario, and has a federally regulated dam, which trout and salmon spawn over each year.

Awender contacted the Ministry of the Environment and the Township of Cramahe and both will be investigating the incident.