Port Hope Police Report for December 21


Cat Injured by pellet gun

On the 20th of December 2017 Port Hope Police received information about a cat that had been shot with a pellet gun. The owner of the cat noticed it was injured in the morning after it returned home from being out.  The owner took it to a veterinarian where x-rays revealed a projectile, believed to be a pellet, was lodged in the animal’s hind quarters. This occurred in the Hope Street and Ward Street area where it is believed the cat would roam when someone shot it.  The cat underwent surgery in order to remove the projectile. Port Hope Police are asking anyone with information to contact Port Hope Police at 905-885-8123, or Crime Stoppers   

Port Hope Police RIDE continues  

The Festive RIDE campaign is continuing during the holiday season. Port Hope Police have checked over 2000 vehicles and with no impaired driving charges laid.

Port Hope Police encourage people to utilize taxis and other driving services like Operation Red Nose which is a national program dedicated to the fight against drinking and driving. It is a free, confidential, volunteer-driver service offered to any individual who has been drinking or who simply do not feel fit to drive his/her vehicle home. The number for Operation Red Nose is 905 377 1218 and volunteers will be in operation December 22,23 and 31