Cobourg Police introduce a new face

By Cecilia Nasmith

The new face of communications from the Cobourg Police Services is that of their new corporate communications co-ordinator Laurie Debattista.

A University of Toronto graduate with more than 10 years of experience in communications at Cameco Corporation, Battista is taking on a newly created position with the Cobourg Police Services that Chief Kai Liu explained Thursday in a reception in her honour.

“This position became available as a result of the vision that the Police Services Board had in the development of a three-year business plan,” the chief said,

“It came as a result of the board's community survey, which identified the need for more communication and transparency about what we do.”

In her new role, Battista will oversee areas such as public relations, a newly redesigned website, social media, promotional material and the Cobourg Police Services brand.

Chief Liu identified some partners she will be working with in support of these tasks.

“She will work closely with the media, helping to develop your stories and reach your deadlines. She is here as a resource and asset to you as much as she is to us,” he said.

“For our community partners, when we are involved with you on different events, Laurie will be brought in to help communicate the message you are trying to get out in the community.

“She will be a real benefit to the message we are trying to share.”

Deputy Chief Paul VandeGraaf mentioned another area she will work on – their booming corporate-services sector.

“It's truly a business that requires a marketing set of eyes,” VandeGraaf said.

“We are really looking forward to getting her working with the strategic vision of the corporate services which we are about to unveil as well.”

Addressing those present, Cobourg Police Services Board chair Dean Pepper added his thoughts.

“This is a vision the board realized, the importance to connect with you, to connect to the storytellers out there and make sure the message gets out that the service and the work in the community is important,” Pepper said.

“You can only do that with the expertise of a communications officer.”

“I am really looking forward to everything this job entails and what the future looks like,” Debattista said.

“I really hope for great communications with the media and community partners to showcase the good things we do within the Town of Cobourg.”

“Laurie has already proven to be a great addition to our team, and we are excited to have her on board,” Chief Liu stated.