Working towards a sustainable Northumberland

By Olivia Waldriff

Over the past three years Green Wood Coalition has been working towards creating stronger, more inclusive communities in Northumberland.

Green Wood will host their ‘Mobilizing the Neighbourhood’ workshop in Port Hope, to teach people how to best utilize their skills and strengths towards building a healthier, more vibrant and livable community.

The event will be led by Jonathan Massimi, a leader in the grassroots community development and an “expert witness” of the Asset Based Community Development philosophy, according to Green Wood Coalition’s community director, David Sheffield.

“A healthier community must be sustainable in every way… a healthy community begins by recognizing that each person has gifts to share and in that sharing and connecting we’ll find solutions to the larger challenges,” said Sheffield.

The workshop will look at communities where significant change is underway and begin to develop a toolkit for the first steps in a stronger community in Port Hope.

The event will take place at Grace Church from 7 to 9 p.m., on July 22.