Pension Increase

by Robert Washburn

Seniors will be getting a bit of extra money in their next old age security checks.

Starting July 1, the Old Age Security benefits increased. This means a single senior receiving OAS and the Guaranteed Income Supplement with no other income could get an extra $100 more per month. According to government figures, a person with no other income receiving OAS and GIS would get just over $1,400 a month.

Jamie Simmons, a spokesperson for Northumberland Peterborough South MP Kim Rudd, said today, admitted the increase was small, but it is a start for improving the lives of seniors.

The consumer price index, which measure the cost of goods and services in Canada, rose in May by 2.2 per cent. Simmons acknowledged the rising cost of food, gas and other items, but added the increase was more than any previous government had done.

The federal government lowered the eligibility age for OAS and GIS in 2016 to age 65. The previous Conservative government raised it to 67.