Logel is back in the warden's seat

By Cecilia Nasmith

A motion to reinstate Alnwick-Township Mayor John Logel as Northumberland County warden was passed at the July 17 county council meeting.
The motion also includes thanks to Port Hope Mayor Bob Sanderson and Trent Hills Mayor Bob Crate, who had occasion to fill in for Logel during his recent leave.

The motion made by Acting Warden Sanderson and duly passed, the two men switched chairs and exchanged a handshake.

“I want to thank all of council and staff for all their hard work and support they provided me over the last five or six weeks,” Logel said.
“It was truly appreciated, and I particularly thank the acting wardens Sanderson and Crate for stepping in while I was off.”

He also had special thanks for Alnwick-Haldimand Deputy Mayor Gail Latchford, who not only stood in for him on township council but in his stead at county council meetings.

“From what I can see, we are moving along fine with our daily operations, and we are in pretty good shape with our budget and also our strategic plan we have developed, so everything is going along fine.”