Parent continues safety plea

By Cecilia Nasmith

The public forum following this week's committee-of-the-whole meeting saw Scott Caister addressing Cobourg council to reiterate his plea from an earlier council meeting for more traffic-control measures at King Street East and Abbott Boulevard.

Caister pointed out that this the only school crossing that does not have pre-existing traffic signals or signage where traffic would expect to stop anyway regardless of the time of day.

“The majority of Cobourg schools are not on major thoroughfares, and those that do have proper stop lights or stop signs,” he said.

“Public awareness of the crossing is only part of the problem – people simply don't feel required to stop.”

The crossing guard now in place is not enough, he continued – an actual stop light is necessary.

Caister reminded council that 2,000 students, teachers, parents and support staff arrive and leave at the same time each day, a situation recognized as potentially dangerous even before an incident in 2017 where a student was hit by a car.

Mayor John Henderson said he would bring the situation up at the next Cobourg Police Services Board meeting.