Conservation Review Board Issues Report on the October 3rd Pre-Hearing Conference

by Brian Coggins

On Friday, the Conservation Review Board released its report on the October 3rd Pre-Conference Hearing held at the Port Hope Town Park Centre with regards to the objections raised to Port Hope Council's resolution to designate the site of the municipality's second hospital located at 65 Ward St in Port Hope. 

Dates have now been set for a full hearing to hear the objections to the proposed site designation.   The dates set aside are February 11, 12 and 13. 2019 in the Council Chambers at the Port Hope Town Hall, 56 Queen St in Port Hope.  Proceedings will commence at 10 am each day.   Those on the list may attend a tour of the facility prior to the first day.

The notice issued contains the names of 95 objectors plus other interested parties who attended the October 3rd meeting